Jackie is one of the best investments I have made. I am a busy working mom who needed a wardrobe upgrade to project a more professional yet stylish and modern image. My new appearance has boosted my self-confidence and I always feel ready for unexpected meetings or ‘run-ins’ with board members or business acquaintances. I also get compliments from total strangers from time to time. Jackie is great at what she does. I very much look forward to my sessions with her. I like to shop but Jackie makes it much more fun, exciting and productive. She is passionate about what she does, is brutally honest in the best possible way and has a wonderful sense of humor. I have worked with Jackie for a couple of years now and I cannot imagine shopping without her!

– Jen T

I asked Jackie to help me completely revamp my wardrobe–something I knew needed happening, but which I dreaded doing myself both because I’ve never really enjoyed shopping, and because I’ve never felt terribly confident in my choices. To put it concisely: Jackie worked magic on my closet. From the start I was very impressed with how open-minded Jackie was about my style–she didn’t come in and throw trendy styles on me, but instead took the time to figure out what my lifestyle and personality are like, and what style might work best for me. I never felt judged, just like I had a new friend in my corner helping me get to the best results for me. The whole process was surprisingly painless, Jackie put the work in up-front to make my experiences in-store much more enjoyable than they would have been otherwise and listened to my feedback about what felt comfortable and didn’t. The outfit photos she took at the end are pure gold, too–makes it so easy to get dressed every morning and feel confident walking out the door. I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on my new look since working with Jackie, including from total strangers in coffee shops. It was well worth every cent, and I expect Jackie will be someone I rely on for image advice for a long time going forward.

– Becky M

Jackie really makes her work about getting to know you, and how you want to present yourself. She is incredibly thoughtful about her choices and always makes them with the client in mind. It’s not about what’s trendy with her, it’s always about what’s best on you and for you. With Jackie you will never have issues finding something to wear. You will always have a closet full of flattering, versatile clothes. She takes away all the stress and frustration that is often associated with keeping appearance top notch. She not only makes you look your best, but feel your best. She has a gift!

– Christina B

For my businesses, I meet a lot people and corporate executives, and image matters. After several clients commented on my “youth,” it dawned on me that I still looked like a grad student (although it’s been 10+ years since I graduated!) Enter, Jackie Coniln. Just like you see on TV, Jackie banished the drab items in my closet and helped me build a lovely, easy-to-manage wardrobe filled with classic pieces for every occasion. Friends and family noticed immediately, and in a fantastic side-benefit I didn’t expect, people actually thought I’d lost weight! (Who doesn’t love that???) As a style professional, Jackie delivered above and beyond – I saved a ton of money as she helped me time my purchases to great sales running in targeted stores, and she saved me huge amounts of time, my most precious commodity, with advanced research and pre-shopping. She absolutely nailed the right style for me, and I love her choices. This is the best investment I’ve made in a long time, with significant returns for years to come. I highly recommend Jackie to everyone!

– Elaine D

I decided to work with Jackie because I like looking nice but I hate shopping – so much that on my own I will just buy the first thing that is vaguely OK, and buy it in 3 colours to save on any further effort. What’s more, I am really picky and when I walk through even a high-end store I will dislike 99% of what I see hanging there. Put the two together and I was never happy with how I looked. Working with Jackie gives me fantastic results. When I go shopping with her we go straight to the fitting room where she has already prepared clothes for me to try on. They’re already filtered down to the clothes that look good on me, and they fit. No more having to try on everything in multiple sizes due to variation in brands (and often finding the brand doesn’t work at all), Jackie has all of that figured out already and seems to know what will fit as though by magic. Having Jackie come to my house to then put outfits together (complete with photos of each outfit) has been great for expanding my understanding of the possibilities of how to combine clothes. On my own I would have got less than half the outfits, just because I never thought of them. And with all the changes to my wardrobe, I still look and feel like myself. Jackie is very easy to talk to and I feel very comfortable giving her all manner of unusual requests. For example, I have unusually-shaped feet and wear orthotics, which severely restricts my shoe options. Jackie recommended a podiatrist, then the two of them worked together searching through what felt like every shoe on the planet until I had some that worked for me – and looked good. I look so much better in my new clothes that my husband has now started to shop with Jackie as well.

– Margaret M

I have been working with Jackie since 2006.  Let me tell you – as a wardrobe stylist she is worth every penny.  Not only is Jackie an amazing woman, but she will never steer you wrong in any direction.  I have done several shopping trips with Jackie over the past three years and I have completely revamped my wardrobe with her assistance.  Before Jackie, my closet was filled with items that always left me with buyer’s regret.  Sure, my old clothes didn’t cost much, but ultimately a waste of time and money since they would go out of style, not coordinate well, etc…  All of the items I have purchased with Jackie have been fashion “home runs.”  The clothes are so versatile, sexy, and classy that I actually wear them again and again!  Not to mention, I receive consistent compliments about my style and clothing choices all the time.  Jackie’s wardrobe and style advice will give you more confidence to pursue your life’s dreams.  I only wish I had done this sooner!

– Anne C

I First met Jackie in June 2013 prior to a big trip I was taking to Asia. I needed an entire new wardrobe because what I had at the time consisted of jeans and T-shirts… Very, very old jeans and T-shirts.
Jackie had a difficult assignment: to create an entire new wardrobe for me, casual and dressy. We’ve recently created a new fall wardrobe as well
To say she did an amazing job would be an understatement. She’s incredibly good at what she does, very creative and has an amazing eye for detail
I’d always had a very difficult time finding clothes (I”m very petite), but Jackie made it so easy. I was amazed at the beautiful clothes she found for me.
And it gets even better! Now that you have all these wonderful new clothes, Jackie puts all the outfits together for you in a “photo book” so you never have to worry about putting outfits together. They are all right there for you so you will always look great!

Jackie accomplished a complete makeover for me. She is truly professional and very talented.

She has a wonderful personality and makes the entire shopping experience so much fun. I look forward to working with her more in the future 🙂

– Ora K

Jackie is the best! No more returning stuff to the store or mailing it back; hiring Jackie saved me so much time and hassle not to mention saving me redundant return shipping fees! She is great at what she does, her choices are spot on and tailored to each client. She is also very focused on you-not the phone, not the sales, just you and what you want for you. She will bring ‘the you’ to you!

I agree with all the others comments posted so far and the 5-stars rating should be 6 or 7 for her. Her sparkle is contagious and her graciousness is wonderful. If you shop in SF you need Jackie! She is so well worth it!

– Ticket W

I have known Jackie for a few years through some mutual connections. I lost about 20 lbs and was ready to amp up my wardrobe and my image for both personal and professional reasons. I knew that I was going to call her when I was ready.
I am in a sales and marketing role with higher net worth clients. I had a nice and sort of okay wardrobe of stuff but nothing special and a lot of things that just covered my body up rather than accentuating my better features. She has taught me so much about finding my style, the cuts that work on my body, designers who do quality stuff and is always steering me to things that will last and are a good investment and away from duplicates and what is not worth buying.
About 2 years ago, I hired Jackie for a complete closet edit and it was AMAZING. Talk about cathartic! We cleaned out 28 bags of clothing which she helped me either donate to one of her preferred and vetted charities so it goes to good use or in my case her assistant helped me to pack up bags to go to friends, and one of my favorite charities. I also sold a few very expensive pieces She had suggestions on where to go for consignment and where to alter things were spot on. Take every one of her vendor suggestions!
For the closet edit, she comes in with a rolling rack and her assistant and literally goes to work on your closet. It took a few hours but it flew by. She was hilarious as well as very insightful. We had a sort process that was – Get rid of, Donate, Keep, Repair-alter and the Maybe pile of stuff that I was unwilling to part with right away either because it had a memory or was expensive. Here is the truth… every item she told me to get rid of that I could not part with was GONE in a matter of months. She was right. It was so easy to get rid of it once we went out and got the right stuff. I see the value in having a closet of stuff that all fits, looks great and goes together!
When we were done, I had an awesome clean closet. Jackie and her assistant kept a list of things I might need and she emailed me that right away. We narrowed down what I wanted and then she took me shopping. We had stuff set aside all over Union Square.
Jackie is a retail veteran and you can see the sales people at every store respect her and make sure that she is taken care of. It is awesome. You just roll in and get the trying on process done in matter of an hour rather than hours. You also know that when she likes something on you, it is sincere and if it is not working, she can veto it quickly. A majority of the stuff she pulls is really good. It is fun to try new things as many of us get into a fashion rut. Jackie is not paid on commission and her sole goal is to make you look great. She goes to great lengths to find me things that we see at stores online or elsewhere if my size is not available. She has been invaluable in keeping an eye out for things she knows I like or need and puts them on hold for me. She is on top of the sales too and saves things for me that about to go on sale.
She is a total professional. Now that we have been working together for about two years I can say that I am totally sold on her service and I don’t make any major wardrobe decision without her input. I had purchased so many things in the past that I never wore, it just doesn’t happen anymore with Jackie. I get a lot of compliments and on some dresses we have bought, I literally got 15 compliments in one day. Home run! My business is also great and I know that part of that is the confidence that I have and that radiates.
In closing, I can say that I just got engaged to the most wonderful man recently. He says that he loves coming home to me and to see what I am wearing (he leaves super early in the morning so most of what he sees is workout clothes). He knew that I really respected her opinion & called her which I found out after the fact to buy the engagement ring. He was getting frustrated at two other jewelers & she helped him find a good jeweler & select the perfect ring for me & they had it custom made in less than a week. Amazing. I love it &I am hard to please. She took him to lunch the day that he proposed & checked in on him. She really cares & it shows in what she does for you as her client.
Bottom line, she is the real deal! If you are not ready for the complete journey like me, you can also hire her for a special event – wedding, high school reunion dress or a special trip you need to shop for. She will transform your life & how you feel about yourself.

– Amanda J

I’m a married man in his late 30’s and have always enjoyed dressing well.  However, I now know I had absolutely no idea what I was doing before working with Jackie.  My days of wandering the sales floor and having sales clerks tell me what they thought I should get were over.  I now have a pro in my corner.  Let me tell you she NAILS IT.  Most of the items I could see were just what I needed, but there were a few items that I was uncertain of.  I have now shopped with her several times, and have learned that when she says “trust me on this”, I do, and invariably I end up thanking her for her suggestions months later.
In working with Jackie, I have learned so much about what “works” and what doesn’t.  I now have an amazing closet full of items I absolutely love and more importantly, I know how to put them together.  The days of standing there with a blank stare while looking at my closet are gone.  They have been replaced by standing there trying to figure out what I wasn’t going to wear.  Today I am continually complimented on my look, and it feels great.  If you are thinking about hiring a wardrobe stylist, I strongly suggest working with Jackie Conlin.

– Paul C

Jackie is amazing – the perfect solution for stress free shopping – on many levels.  She’s GREAT at saving me money. No longer do I have “bad” purchases (things that don’t look right, don’t match anything else in my wardrobe, etc) and she saves me time. I don’t love shopping but Jackie makes it fun, efficient and makes me feel fabulous and stylish – without a trendy disposable look.  She’s made my wardrobe really work – she’s helped sort, mix and match, she uses what I have and fills in pieces. On top of all that, she is a warm, intelligent, intuitive woman – it’s a treat just to spend time with her.  This wardrobe stylist is well worth the cost.

– Julie S.

Here’s the bottom line on Jackie:
If you use her services — as I have for the past 3 years —
***you will have great clothes that reflect your style
***your clothes will fit well
***you will have appropriate things to wear for each season
***you will have an appropriate outfit to wear for any event
***you will have the right accessories for every outfit
***your closet will be transformed from chaotic to orderly
***and best of all, you’ll save money on your fabulous wardrobe, because Jackie will get you in to stores during the presales.
Jackie really knows her stuff and she’s very pleasant to work with: she’s detail oriented, professional, warm and personable.  Her wardrobe stylist service is well worth the cost.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.

– Juliet W.

I found Jackie online when I was looking for a wardrobe stylist to dress my teenage daughter who is difficult to fit and with whom shopping had become a stressful, tear-producing affair. Jackie came to our home and helped my 14 year-old purge her wardrobe almost completely, and then shopping they went. My daughter came home with a whole new classic look that flatters her frame. She also has a much better feel for what looks good on her and ways to combine pieces to achieve different looks. It was the beginning of a transformation for my daughter. I was so impressed with Jackie’s work, I asked her to do her magic with me. My wardrobe had gotten stale after several years away from corporate executive roles. My closet contained dusty business suits and a motley collection of items picked up since starting my consulting practice, which does not demand a rigid “uniform”. I wanted to return to having a classy, snappy, and distinctive wardrobe that would be eye catching whether I am doing community volunteer work, meeting with a client, making a speech, leading a conference, or attending evening events. Jackie helped me re-build my basics and add some very exciting new pieces into the mix. Jackie is a wonderful wardrobe stylist and great to work with; and her follow-through is impeccable. If you want to look great and have a look that will last, Jackie will get you there!

– Kathy T. 

To start, Jackie and I worked on my closet. It was a mess. She helped decide what items could go to consignment and what I should donate. She was so good at making quick decisions and getting through it. I mean who wants to try on all your old clothes? and it can be a little embarrassing – but we laughed about some of the ridiculous items (everyone has some!) and had a great time doing it.  She made a list as we edited through my closet for key pieces she saw that were missing.
Next step was shopping. It was so easy and efficient with her. She knows all the merchandise and has the best salespeople working with her. They would do anything for her clients. I would arrive at the department store and she would have clothes set aside for me – ready to try on. She has great taste and created innovative looks that I love, but would have not picked out on my own. I was surprised at how she really got my wardrobe style, just making it better and more sophisticated- exactly what I wanted.   Jackie kept the essence of who I am, while helping me transition into a new chapter in my life.
I now have new looks that work with some of my old clothes, and a photo book so I never forget them.
It is sooo easy to get dressed now! Priceless!

– Daphne H.

Jackie is a true professional wardrobe stylist.  Her eye for detail and her excellent taste makes shopping amazingly simple.  She listens well and knows all the cuts and styles that will flatter any body type.  She also has connections with some of the best hair and makeup people in the city.

– Coleen M.

Jackie is an extremely talented stylist. She has a natural eye for what styles, colors and fabrics are best. Honestly my wardrobe has never looked better since I met Jackie. I finally don’t have to worry how I look because I am confident in all the pieces she puts me in. I tell everyone I know what a blessing to me and my wardrobe that Jackie has been. I would highly recommend Jackie to anyone looking to be comfortable and confident in their image.

– Marisa M