White After Labor Day


Styled by Jackie Conlin

Styled by Jackie Conlin

There are no hard and fast fashion rules these days. Things change so quickly that you can really get away with almost anything provided you can pull it off. One outdated rule is that you can’t wear white after Labor Day. I’ve noticed that people get really get hung up this one, but it is old school thinking that needs to be retired. Splashes of white mixed with Fall colors are a great way to transition from Summer to Fall with great style. For instance, I like to pair a white jean with a Fall colored sweater and boots for a casual day. For work, a nude or light neutral cotton pencil skirt, Fall colored blazer and neutral booties with bare legs. For night, you can wear bold, sexy black and white combos. I think keeping white in the mix through Fall is really chic. The couple of items I would put away and save for Summer are: linens, straw woven shoes/bags and neons, which quite frankly should never come out again! So keep white in the mix and wear it year round with confidence.


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